Posted by on Nov 1, 2020

Hello Market Friends:

The silvery moon brought the first frost to my garden this weekend. I went to the trusty Farmer’s Almanac to find that this moon has three names; it’s a Minimoon, because it’s the full moon farthest from the Earth, it’s Blue, because it’s the second full moon in October, and it’s the Hunter’s Moon “as this is the time of year when humans and animals alike are stocking up on food in preparation for the long winter ahead”.


Fortunately, our expert farmers are well-prepared, so we can enjoy the pleasures of local eating year-round. If this is your first winter as a market customer, rest assured that there will be plenty to choose from in the coming months!

Lots of little notes about our producers this time:

Ted Thorpe hauled out the row covers last week so he has lots of fresh fall greens.

Reye’s Farms has superb apple varieties to choose from, including MutsuAmbrosia, the hard-to-find Honey Crisp, and more. How to choose?

Derrick Greenly of Summergreen is taking a few weeks off to winterize his production setup in order to keep us in mushrooms.

Helen Mends just keeps finding new things to make out of fabric that might otherwise go to waste. Her phone number and email are on our site if you need expert repairs to garments, and pickup & drop-off at the market depot can be arranged.

Cheyenne from Sundance Harvest recently doubled her greenhouse space, which means great eating ahead for us!

Beeswax Candle Hive (1.8oz)
from Bees Universe, $4


Honey Crisp Apples
from Reyes Farms$10


Have you seen the sweet little beehive candles from Bees Universe? So lovely to send out a warm glow on these long nights.

Ming from Ying Ying Soy has added Smoked Tofu to their list of varieties. Yum!

Carole (Motherdough) is taking a well-deserved week off, so we asked Patti from Robinson Bread to bake some extras for you.

Last but definitely not least in vendor news, Monforte Dairy has added more cheese this time!

On to announcements:

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! You have until the clock strikes 6 today (Sunday, November 1st) to send in a photo of your pumpkin! 

Absolutely everyone is welcome to join in our Virtual Pumpkin-Carving Contest!

The theme is ‘What happens when you don’t eat your veggies’ and our Celebrity Judge, Rev. Gary from St. Anne’s will choose the winners, who will be announced in next week’s news.

Thanks to the generosity of Bobby & Mary from Kawartha Broom Company, we have an Adult and a Child-size Witch Broom to present to the Grand Champion (the winner gets to choose which size they want)!

Second prize: a pair of Pocket Handwarmers from Helen Mends, to keep the winner’s hands toasty.

Third prize: a heart shaped beeswax candle from Bees Universe with love from the market!

Wishing you a good week!

Anne & the Market Crew