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Hello Market Friends: 

Another guest writer for you this week folks. It’s me, Nicole, your PPP – (Pickup Point Person.) Hello!

First off, I wanted to extend an enormous “thank you”, to all of you who signed my giant birthday card. And to those who extended birthday wishes verbally, thanks all the same. What a community we have – you guys rock!

And just how old am I, you wonder? Well as I told market manager, Anne Freeman, thankfully I’m still able to do cartwheels all over the place!

But Ted Thorpe, (for almost as long as I’ve known him,) asks me “the age question” in the best possible way, each year. To quote Ted:

“So Nicole, you turned 29 again? Well, you look great – Happy Birthday!’

To which I respond with, what else?? A cartwheel!

Potato 5lb for $7.50 (red)
From Thorpe’s, 7.5$
Field Tomatoes (1lb)
From Thorpe’s, 2.5$

Now “melon-mania” – isn’t that just super-fun to say? Almost as tasty they are to eat. Especially the incredibly flavourful ones provided by both Kooner and Sosnicki farms. So whether you prefer a classic red watermelon, an adventurous yellow one, or even a traditional and juicy cantaloupe, please get your fill while you still can!

I’ve actually been enjoying witnessing many of you “knock” on your melons (to test for ripeness and flavour), when you come to pick them up. No judgments – I promise! Some of you seem very official.

From Natures Way, 6$
Seasonal Lemonade
From Earth + City, 10$

Ok, so aside from my love for cartwheels, or for the alliterative nature of the word melon combined with mania, (or perhaps even mayhem), I thought I’d also share some of the ways in which I like to enjoy some this fabulous food available us.

As you may have guessed, (like many of you), I eat a lot of greens. However, I also drink them. I mainly use my juicer, but I also blend them into smoothies from time to time.

This month I’ve been liquefying the spectacular swiss chard from Knuckle Down Farms, combined with the leaf celery from Marvelous Ediblescucumber from Ta Neter, and Kale from Thorpe’s. Sounds really bitter huh? Not to worry – thankfully I also sweeten my green juice with cantaloupe from Sosnicki’s, and sweet peaches from Reyes. Yum! (Honest.)

I sometimes mix it up and make a “sweet juice”, using delicious beets from Kooner farms, and Nantes carrots from Aldergrove. Simple, and superb!

But if you’re not into juicing and smoothies, all good! Just keep eating – with this plentiful selection of fruits and veggies, you really can’t go wrong!

Nantes Carrots
From Aldergrove, 4$
Leaf Celery
From Marvelous Edibles, 5$

And if you’re looking for another way to deal with this intense summer heat, treating yourself to some amazing ice lollies from Fressie Bessie will do it – delicious and refreshing!

This also happens to be a lot less work than juicing. And I personally love when my tongue turns purple from the Wild Blueberry-Mango flavour – (but maybe that’s just me. 🙂

But if you’re thinking about other foods that are also delicious and low maintenance, consider some of our prepared food vendors.

Momos and momo sauce, with pickled cabbage, from TC Tibetan MoMos, are sure to please. As is the butter chicken or moroccan chickpea hasa, from Magic Oven. Even the savoury empanadas from Tapioca Toronto, are a great meal choice. The list just goes on and on!

And don’t forget our fabulous bakers. Robinson Bread’s cherry hand pies have become a personal favourite of mine – the perfect combination of tart and sweet!

Although, Motherdough’s vast selection of flavourful danishes and croissants are also a go-to for many. The peaches and cream danish (featured), has become yet
another favourite of mine – uh oh.

Oh and just an fyi – if you’re looking to purchase from Green Florin this week, in our web shop, you won’t be able to. Vasile has chosen to be at the market in-person instead this week (during pickup hours.) Come and speak to Vasile, and shop from him, this coming Thursday, between 1-5pm. (Please adhere to physical-distancing and all COVID-19 guidelines.)

Ok so now that I’ve got your taste buds peaked to the max, happy shopping! And thanks so much for your support.

Nicole and The Market Team


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