LAST MARKET – Don’t Miss It! ????


Hard to believe we’re already at this point, but yes indeed – this Thursday, October 26th, is our last outdoor market, (of 2023.) That’s 3-7pm, in Dufferin Grove Park. So please join us for our final outdoor celebration of wonderful food, combined with an amazing community. Also – all of those smiling faces would love to see you! ???? 

And although I’m always happy to thank all of you, for your continued support, I also want to add a little note about farmers. It should really be said that farmers need community, and that we NEED farmers. The importance of this relationship, really cannot be overstated. With the hard work of farmers, markets like Dufferin Grove (and many others of course), allow for local food production to remain both viable, and accessible. So thank you all once again, for your role in this – now let’s keep it going! ????


Pick up a gorgeous market bag to put all of your “treasures” in – only $20

Are There Indoor Plans for the Market?

The short answer: “OF COURSE!” But as many of you are aware, the market’s usual indoor home is currently under construction. This is the clubhouse at the north end of the park. Now last week, when I (again), spoke with “the higher ups”, I was told that we could be in there for late November. “Possibly” November 23rd or 30th. To call this a disappointment, would be a gross understatement, (especially given all the delays that have occurred already.) I’m truly saddened that there will be such a gap, but nonetheless, I’m still trying to remain optimistic. Moreover, I have seen the space, and it does look incredible. Now as for updates on an actual start date, I will continue with my newsletters, and website updates, as best I can. To learn more about the construction itself, or even the contact of the project manager, click here: Dufferin Grove Park – NW Corner Improvements. Ok, thanks again folks – and we’ll get there! ????

Options During “Downtime”..

Hooray! The folks at Nith Valley Organics will once again be doing deliveries!


Here’s the specifics, (from Nathan):

“We will be doing deliveries on Wednesdays to coincide with other deliveries in Toronto. We will be delivering to areas with postal code starting with M6.  Folks can sign up and order through our online store at Nith Valley Online, ( Order deadline is Monday night for Wednesday delivery. We currently have the two weeks live for ordering for delivery and will update if and when needed for any further delays to the market re-opening. We will miss seeing everyone out at the market for the few weeks it is off and can’t wait for it to re-open, but are glad we can do our small part to keep people fed in the meantime.” Wow! Thank you Nathan!! xoxo

Plan B Organics also has offerings – “a pick up spot” in the neighbourhood for their weekly organic boxes”. Pick up on Thursday afternoons on Northumberland Street – “lots of sizes and options – customize your box, add eggs, sourdough bread, organic wraps –”


Vendor News (for October 26th..) 

clothing swap

First up, the CLOTHING SWAP is happening this week! A great opportunity to clean out your closets, and to contribute to waste reduction – talk about a “win-win”! 🙂 All FREE of course – drop off any clean (adult) clothes in good condition, and/or feel free to take something home. (3-6:30pm)

Monique (the organizer), will also be selling her (
100% plant-based, all-natural), delicious snack foods, from Bruized. Man, have I missed those cookies!! 


Our pop-up this week: Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine, Estelle will once again be serving up her delicious rotis and patties.

Audrey of Greenhouse Eatery will be back at the market this week, and is super excited about her Jamaican pumpkins. These fall beauties are packed with flavour, and great for making into a tasty soup – yum!


And Spade & Spoon is also back at the market this week. So get ready to stock up on Blythe’s incredible jams, pickled goods, and maple syrup – we’ve missed you Blythe! ????


And please be aware that Aldergrove Farm will regrettably be missing the last market of the season. But they thank Dufferin Grovers for a wonderful season, and appreciate all the support they received. (Full vendor list.)

“Veggie” Spotlight..


The amazing sweet potatoes from Nature’s Way, are probably long overdue for a spotlight. For more than a month now, I’ve been roasting these gems in the park oven, for you fine folks to sample. And if that’s not enough, last week Holly gave me a taste of her sweet potato brownies!! These are vegan, gluten-free and have no sugar! Holly uses maple syrup in her recipe, which I’m sharing here. Enjoy!

Highlights from Last Week..

Last week, Peter McClusky’s “garlic-dessert workshop” was a huge success! “Chef Peter”, pictured here, made two types of butter tarts – one set was with black garlic from The Cutting Veg, and another with Mutsu apples from Reyes Farms. Both were incredibly delicious, as the samples did not last! Thanks so much Peter – always “a treat” to have you at Dufferin! (Couldn’t resist that one! hee hee)


And last week we had a vendor birthday! Yes, we wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to EKTA (of Arth TO!) Thanks for sharing your special day with us Ekta – and for bringing that super-delicious buckwheat-raspberry cake for us – yum!


The folks at Greenpeace also thank the Dufferin Grove community for the warm welcome they were met with. And Trevor Cluthé (of Greenpeace), sends added thanks to those of you who even signed up to volunteer – fantastic!


Hooray for Market Music! ????

Vanessa Wong, our market musician last week, was absolutely incredible – what a talent! Thanks so much Vanessa – come back soon! xo


Ok, thanks for reading folks – can’t wait to see you at the last market (in the park.)


(*Thursday, 3-7pm, in Dufferin Grove Park – stay tuned for updates on the indoor start date)

VENDORS _ October 26th, 2023


  • Reyes Farms
  • Plan B Organics
  • Nith Valley
  • Greenhouse Eatery 
  • Nature’s Way
  • Kooner Farms
  • Sundance Harvest
  • Knuckle Down Farm
  • Noki Farms
  • Aldergrove Farms – away

Meat & Dairy:

  • Rogers Ranch
  • First Fish
  • Nith Valley (lamb & chicken)


  • Nith Valley
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Kooner Farms
  • Sundance Harvest

Prepared Foods:

  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • Magic Oven
  • Earth & City
  • Greenhouse Eatery 
  • CrepeDeLaCrepeTO 
  • TC Tibetan Momos


  • Lev Bakery
  • Robinson Bread

Preserves & Specialty Items:

  • Spade & Spoon
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • Urban Harvest 
  • ChocoSol (with Earth & City)
  • Jiggy Popz
  • Kamplex Snax


  • Heartwood Cider


  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine


  • CLOTHING SWAP!! ????????
  • Community Fridges


  • Richard Underhill

For FUN:

  • Face-Painting by Isabel! ????

*stay tuned for updates on our indoor market! ????

Should start in late November!