Week Two at St Anne’s – Going Strong! ????

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Yup! The market has been going strong at St Anne’s for the last two weeks, and we’re definitely making the most of it!  ????

And if you haven’t yet been to our temporary location, you still have one more chance! That’s St Anne’s (parish hall), at 651 Dufferin St. (Enter through the north-facing glass doors.)

This week, November 23rd, will be our last week at St Anne’s. It’s a great space, so please come out, and support these wonderful vendors. And take in some charming live music while you’re at it.???? 

You could say it’s just like last year (at this time), but it’s also very different. Yes, once again, there is that similar uncertainty about where (and when) the market goes next – but thankfully, you bunch have chosen to stick with us. But one thing that is different from last year, is that we have some new vendors! 

The newest of which, is Johnson Family Bakery. Chuck (the owner), was very pleased with the warm welcome he received from everyone! And that includes yours truly, who finally got to meet him for the first time – yes, welcome aboard Chuck! ????

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Johnson’s carries a huge variety of pastries and super-delicious sourdough breads. And (if you noticed), last week, they did not have their full bread selection, due to an unfortunate mishap with their flour delivery. However, I still managed to snag the very last cranberry, walnut apple loaf. Chuck suggested that I toast a slice or two, and then spread on a little honey. I somehow managed to follow those instructions to the letter, and was not disappointed – yum!!

Coming This Week!

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Yes it’s true! Get ready for a surprise pop-up from Kawartha Broom Company, as “Broom-maker Bob” is finally making his return to Dufferin! Some of you will remember from last year, his wonderfully, hand-crafted, brooms (and accessories.) But if not, here’s a brief bio:

“Bob Miller began to learn the craft of broom making over 30 years ago in the Appalachians. He now handcrafts his brooms in his broom shop in Kirkfield, Ontario. Bob’s goal is to achieve a unique broom that is beautiful and is meant to be used. He takes great pride in crafting each broom with love and attention and providing a practical product of value to any home. 

At the Kawartha Broom Co. we make a special effort in trying to integrate broomcorn from local Ontario farmers. We are also now growing our own broomcorn to integrate into our products.” Be sure to pick up one of these gems!

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Also making a return to the market is Planticia Foods – yum! Owner, Christine, was last at the market in October, when we were still at the park – so I’m sure you’re all missing her super-delicious, plant-based wares. These are organic snack foods, with no refined sugars. The peanut butter & raspberry bites (pictured), are my personal favourite – but she’s got lots more! 

Some Vendor Highlights..

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This incredible looking kale was from The Cutting Veg. Definitely a In addition to Daniel’s usual selection of amazing garlic, he also graced us with three types of “super-kale” last week. I definitely had to re-adjust my fridge to make room for these – that’s what I like to call “happy problems”. ????

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It was also great having Noki Farms back at the market. Nykole’s amazing selection of gourmet oyster mushrooms, and microgreens were a huge hit. And last week, she gave me a welcomed earful about her black pearl oyster mushrooms, (pictured above) – including how to cook them! So according to Nykole:

“Start them totally dry, in a pan at med-hi for two to three minutes, then add your oil/butter/seasoning, and cook until however crispy you prefer!” Wow! I definitely plan to grab some this week!

g 1

And lastly, I must highlight Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine – just delicious! I know that many of us have been taught to never go “grocery shopping” on an empty stomach – and usually that’s wise. However, I suggest you abandon that notion for our little Thursday afternoon oasis. No bias on my part, of course. But honestly, I looked at Estelle’s full selection last week – she’s thought of everything! Carnivores, vegetarians and vegans – all will be fed! The roti she’s holding, (pictured above), can be filled with curry chicken or curry goat, curried potatoes or chickpeas, or even fried plantain. Or you can even go simple, and just try her homemade patties – beef, veggie or vegan. Getting hungry yet? haha 

NEXT PHASE of The Market..

So here we are again..

The last market at St Anne’s, is this Thursday, November 23rd – then what? Well starting November 30th, the plan was to be back at Dufferin Grove Park, in the clubhouse. Again, this is the indoor space at the north-end of Dufferin Grove Park. So here’s what I’ve learned, after a telephone conversation with the parks supervisor, on Monday (November 20th):

“Basically” November 30th is not likely for the market (to make its return to the clubhouse.) It is looking more like December 7th, but nothing is guaranteed. However, if by some miracle, the construction progress rapidly accelerates, then November 30th could still happen – but again, no guarantees.

Sorry folks this is all I can relay to you at this point. But please stay tuned – things keep changing, (as I’m sure you’ve noticed.) But as of right now, it’s looking like (after November 23rd), our next market will be December 7th, (at the clubhouse, not St Anne’s.) I will of course, communicate any further updates via newsletter, website and instagram. But if you’re still unsure, it’s totally fine to just send an email: info@dufferingrovemarket.ca. And as always, thanks for hanging in there. ????


Just Look at Aleta and little David, of Nith Valley, working hard, and smiling right through it. Who says good help is hard to find? Just adorable! xo

We can do it folks! Hope to you Thursday,


(*November 23rd, 3-7pm – LAST MARKET at St Anne’s Church – 651 Dufferin St)



(at ST ANNE’S)_November 23rd, 2023


  • Nith Valley
  • Noki Farms

Meat & Dairy:

  • Rogers Ranch
  • Hammerhead Fish
  • Nith Valley (lamb & chicken)
  • Monforte Dairy


  • Nith Valley
  • Rogers Ranch

Prepared Foods:

  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine 
  • Magic Oven


  • Johnson Family Bakery 

Preserves & Specialty Items:

  • Plantacia Foods
  • Kalmplex Snax
  • ChocoSol


  • Kawartha Broom Company


  • Peter & Anna