Your Farmers’ Market Needs You – Help Out,However You Can! ????


Dear Market friends,

This “Giving Tuesday” (November 28th), multiply your impact by supporting your Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market! 

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You may have noticed that it’s been a challenging few years for your market – so we really need your support. For instance, this week (November 30th), there is no farmers’ market for Dufferin Grove. Sigh.

But for the last few years, we’ve pivoted, relocated and thankfully, made our return to the park, for the glorious outdoor season. But now, the delayed clubhouse renovation is making our precarious comeback even more so. (Hence, the reason that there is no market this week.)

We had a brief stint at St Anne’s church, for three weeks earlier this month – and thank you to those of you who were able to come out! ???? But currently, the market is homeless, as that space is no longer available to us. We are hoping to be up and running again soon, but without an indoor space, that remains uncertain.

This “Giving Tuesday”, multiply your impact by supporting your Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market. 

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ANY amount is greatly appreciated. 

Ways to give:

CLICK HERE, or (if e-transfer is preferred), send to:

If you are not able to make a donation, you can also give a few minutes of your time and support the market with an email to (Or do both! ????)

Share with our Councillor, what the market means to you, and why the market needs to stay in the Dufferin Grove community. 

Currently, there is talk of the market (temporarily) moving further west. Encourage her to keep the pressure on the city contractor to finish the renovation, so that the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market can continue serving the Dufferin Grove community.

You can multiply YOUR impact by supporting your market. Some of the ways that farmers’ markets serve their communities:

-By supporting Greenbelt farmers and local food vendors.

-By improving neighbourhood access to healthy, fresh, organic produce.

-Building community, and social connection – spontaneous meetups reduce isolation and loneliness and feel good!

-Reducing dependency on fossil fuels (agricultural inputs, food transportation and more). 

-Helping to promote overall healthy living, by enhancing food education, and a deepened interest in local ecosystems

-Creating safety by positively animating and keeping eyes on the park (to paraphrase Jane Jacobs).

Happy “Giving Tuesday” everyone, and thank you! Your support is helping your market bridge this incredibly challenging time.

With love and cartwheels,

-Nicole ???? ????????‍♂️ ????????‍♂️

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