Let’s Do It Again! December Outdoor Market – We Got This! ????

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A magical December night in Dufferin Grove Park – and what a scene it was! We actually did it folks – an outdoor market in December! Forgive me friends, if I’m overly ecstatic – but who knew? haha

And honestly, the best part I think, was seeing the gratitude on all of your faces, and the common look of: “Of course I’m here! I love my farmers’ market!” You all kept me going – thanks for that! And how about those vendors? I mean, they’re all champs!


In addition to these beautiful root veggies (and such), Nith Valley Organics still had lots of leafy spinach and arugula as well – just incredible!

So this Thursday (December 14th), once again, meet me on the basketball court, in Dufferin Grove Park. We’ll have another amazing outdoor farmers’ market – in December! (I just can’t get over that. 🙂 And it should be fairly mild this Thursday – yahoo! And hey – bring your skates! (If that’s your thing. 🙂

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Yummy treats (and breads) from Johnson Family Bakery to keep you warm. 

And some great news for those of you who’ve been missing Greenhouse Eatery, and their amazing black garlic! A word from “farmer Audrey”:

“I wanted to let folks know that I have a limited amount of black garlic left. Currently available: Black Garlic at $4 each, Black Garlic Mustard at $6 a jar, and Black Garlic Gourmet Dressing at $12. Should anyone want, they can order directly from audreywave@hotmail.com.”

Audrey plans to deliver prepaid orders to this week’s market. And if you’re unfamiliar with the “awesomeness” of Audrey’s black garlic, and why it’s so tasty, watch this (under two-minute) video: Audrey’s Black Garlic.

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And being that the holiday season is fast approaching, or perhaps underway, (depending on perspective), remember that Kalmplex Snax’s delicious dried fruit, make great gifts! And incidentally, Greenhouse Eatery’s (100% pure), black garlic powder is part of what makes these “snax” so amazing!

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And (speaking of gift ideas), this Thursday, “100 Mittens”, will be doing a pop-up! Business owner, Cynthia, has been a Dufferin Grove community member for many years and is excited to join the market this week.


Ok folks, lots of reasons to come out and support these marvellous and extremely dedicated vendors – don’t miss out! And here’s this week’s LIST OF VENDORS:

  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Plan B Organics
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Johnson Family Bakery
  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine
  • Kalmplex Snax
  • 100 Mittens

“Happy critters” were also seen racing to their favourite farmers’ market! ????

Hope to see you Thursday. xo


(*December 14th, 3-7pm, in Dufferin Grove Parkon the basketball court, near the skating rinks)