Last Market of the Year! ???? And Winter Solstice Too! ????


One last hurrah in the park (for this year) – let’s do it! ????(December 21st, 3-7pm, on the basketball court, in Dufferin Grove Park.)

After this Thursday, the market will take a break for the holidays. So the next market “should be” January 11th, 2024. This is unfortunately still dependent on the availability of our indoor clubhouse, currently still “closed for renovations”. But fingers crossed, the next market for Dufferin Grove, will be at our new and improved, indoor space. But during the “downtime” however, I will continue with communications – (newsletters, and social media updates.) Thanks as always, for your continued patience.

Ok, now how about that (feature) photo?!! At last week’s market (as you can see), we had a very “special guest” pop by! Yes, “community cheerleader” Erella, not only graced us with her presence, but was even able to “drag” Santa along with her! Thanks for that Erella! ????????‍♂️

But jokes aside, I’m actually speaking of the Echo Women’s Choir, (led by “the man in red” himself.) Last Thursday afternoon, we were treated to their wonderful caroling – just magical. If you happened to be at the market (just after 4:30pm), you may have gotten to witness this yourself – or perhaps you even sang along! ????


What fun! But now on to Vendor Stuff..

For those of you that don’t know a lot about Jerusalem artichokes, Rodrigo, of Plan B Organics, gave an impromptu “need to know” (with sampling), to lucky shoppers last week! But if you missed out, I’m sure (upon request), he’ll do it again – what a guy! ????


Last week was also a great market for “knitters”, (and lovers of knitted things.) Nith Valley Organics, in addition to their amazing edibles, also brought a full selection of yarn, and fully-knitted apparel, from their very fine sheep wool. Stay tuned – maybe they’ll have some more this week too!


And  Veronique and Cynthia, of “100 Mittens”, also thank the community for welcoming them at the market – such a treat! They were delighted with the response to their hand-made mittens (and accessories.)


And if you’re anything like me, and still looking for last-minute gift ideas, Kawartha Brooms will be attending this week’s market! These are fine, hand-crafted, corn brooms (and accessories, such as sleigh-bell door hangers.) But for those unfamiliar, here’s a note from (broom-maker), Bob: “At the Kawartha Broom Co, we make a special effort in trying to integrate broomcorn from local Ontario farmers. We are also now growing our own broomcorn to integrate into our products.”


And this week, we’ll have a couple other “pop-up” vendors as well – including Forbes Wild Foods and Planticia Foods. So if you’ve been running low on maple syrup, and/or wild mushrooms, Seth will be more than happy to look after you. And Christine, of Planticia Foods, will be back with her delicious plant-based, organic snacks, crackers and sauces – yum! 

And here is the full LIST OF VENDORS:

  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Plan B Organics
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Johnson Family Bakery
  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine
  • Kalmplex Snax
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • Kawartha Broms
  • Planticia Foods

And if you’re wondering, YES – it will be jam-packed on that basketball court! But we’ll make it work – somehow! haha

And finally, regarding the Winter Solstice Parade, here are a few words from Clay and Paper Theatre:

“Join Clay and Paper Theatre on Thursday December 21st, from 6:30 to 7:30pm for family-friendly wintertide festivities. As we journey towards the darkest night of the year, let’s also reclaim communal spaces and come together with our friends in Dufferin Grove Park. Let’s Gather the Light together!

Meet us near the Dufferin Grove Rink House at 6:30pm for a light-filled night procession around the park, with glowing lanterns, puppets, music, and old friends and new. Then we’ll settle by the fire pit for some seasonal singing and good cheer and create our own solstice magic, as we face the longest night together.

You can bring your own lanterns or candles OR PLEASE borrow our lanterns (luminous stars, head dresses, and other lanterns). OR you could be a puppeteer!

To borrow a lantern or any of our other solstice items for the celebration, please arrive between 6 to 6:15pm. If you would like to be a puppeteer for the Solstice Walk, please email”


So this Thursday (December 21st), join me for one last time – outdoors, on the basketball court3-7pm, in Dufferin Grove Park. It will be a market to remember – I promise! It’s the last market of the year – with a winter solstice parade included! And if you’re worried about keeping warm, remember that (weather-permitting), we’ll have the cozy firepit nearby. And lastly, don’t forget that you can throw in a few laps around the rink, if ice skating is your thing. So have I sold you yet? Hope so. ????

Til Thursday, 


(*December 21st, 3-7pm, in Dufferin Grove Parkon the basketball court, near the skating rinks)