January 18th, We’re Back On – Yahoo!! ????


Hello loyal market friends! And first off, thank you, for receiving this newsletter. ????

Ok, so the market? Yes, it’s true!! We’re back on, next Thursday, January 18th! Long-awaited access to our indoor clubhouse is over! (Mostly.) I’ve also learned that we won’t be able to access the kitchen area just yet – but hey, that’s just fine! The farmers’ market will still happen, (in the main space.)

And (just to be clear), we’ll be at the north-end of Dufferin Grove Park, inside our clubhouse. And if you haven’t been, entry doors are on the east side of the building, (facing the skating rinks.) Can’t wait to see you there!! ????


Yummy walnut brownies from Johnson Family Bakery

And please know that during the “downtime”, I kept in regular contact with our amazing vendors. And no surprise – they can’t wait to see you either! The vendors have been truly incredible throughout all of this, and are very keen to start back up again. But they’ll really need your support. I’ve said it before, but it never hurts to restate that farmers, and community farmers’ markets, fundamentally need each other.


Snapshot of our brief outdoor winter market, in December 2023


Ok, that’s it for now folks. Early next week, I’ll send a reminder with more details, (along with the list of vendors.) 

Thanks again everyone – we’ll be together soon! ????



Beautiful gourmet mushrooms from Noki Farms