The Wait is Finally Over – The Market Returns! ????


Hello friends! It’s true – Thursday’s almost here, and so is your farmers’ market! ????

The feature photo this week, is one from “the old days” in our (newly-opened) clubhouse – wow! And even though I didn’t take the photo, (or know that it existed), I can tell you that that t was from 2007 – mainly because the child in it, is my daughter, Carianne. I remember buying that hat for her, and the frequent battles we’d have, with getting her to wear it – such fun! Haha

The adult with Carianne, is Momiji, who was working for GreenFields at the time. Some of you may remember when they were among the vendors at Dufferin Grove. 

And feel free to thank Seth, of Forbes Wild Foods, when you see him on Thursday. He shared this week’s photos, from his epic photo gallery – just incredible! ????


“Young Seth”, in early days of the market (inside the clubhouse)

Getting excited yet? Of course you are! So don’t miss the market’s “inaugural” launch (in the new space) – this Thursday, January 18th, (3-7pm.) 

And here is our LIST OF VENDORS for this week:

  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Plan B Organics
  • The Cutting Veg
  • Johnson Family Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine
  • Magic Oven
  • Green Florin
  • Kalmplex Snax

“Yours truly”, with Vasile of Green Florin

And don’t forget, we’re right in front of the beautiful skating rinks! So feel free to get some lovely outdoor recreation during your market visit. And you can also rent skates, if you don’t have your own.

Now you may have guessed (or seen for yourself), that the clubhouse will look quite different than in these photos – so I hope you’re enjoying this trip down memory lane. And if you do remember the market from those early years, thanks for sticking with us!


Momiji and Mark (then of Greenfields)  – Mark and his wife Courtney, now own Windswept Cider

Another past vendor at Dufferin, was dear Sosnicki Organics – remember them? Or how about those yummy perogies? Both Jesse and Ben Sosnicki pictured here, were original vendors when the market began in 2002.


Angelos of Country Meadows, having a charming “stare-off” with John, of Bees Universe – those two! ????


Happy, bustling times of the market’s early years in the clubhouse.


Ok folks – can’t wait to see you Thursday! xo


*in the Clubhouse at Dufferin Grove Patk – every Thursday. 3-7pm