So Much Beauty At Our Market! 😍

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When Rodrigo, of Plan B Organics showed up with these gorgeous Romanesco broccoli, (pictured), I just knew that I had to feature them. Not only is romanesco both visually (and “texturally”), appealing, but it’s also packed with nutrients! Including vitamins A, C, and K, romanesco is also a great source of calcium and iron.

And if you’ve never had it, the flavour is mildly nutty, and with no bitterness – yum! A simple way to prepare, is just steaming. (Cut into florets, this would only take a minute or two.) They can also be consumed raw, if preferred. But for added flavour, I recommend roasting. Toss the florets with olive oil, garlic and sea salt. And to “level-up”, throw in some of your favourite seeds – coriander, fennel, or mustard, (or even all three!) Ok, enjoy!

And in “other market news”, if you didn’t already know: kids REALLY love bread!

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The adorable “baguette boys” were at it again last Thursday! Four-year-old, Malcolm (left), and his pal Guilon, whom I get the pleasure of sharing a laugh or two, each week with, sure seemed thrilled with their “snack”. Don’t think this particular baguette (from Johnson Family Bakery), made it home though – uh oh! But hey, sharing is caring, right? Well done you two! 🙌

Vendor News..

First off, I’m happy to report that both Green Florin and The Cutting Veg will make their return to the market this week. Vasile (of GF), will have his regular full selection of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, sunflower oil, and much more. Lots of great choices to fill your shopping bag with!

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And Cutting Veg, which is currently on a (once a month) schedule at the market, will be here on Thursday – and then again in mid-March. Ask Daniel this week, about his many varieties of spectacular (and local), organic garlic. Just incredible.

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And remember that fresh fish is available each and every week! Hammerhead’s brings an abundant supply for us. I often get the smoked trout myself, but Jennifer comes stocked each week with lots more – including char, cod, pickerel, salmon, and of course fresh trout. 

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Forbes, Forbes FORBES! If you still haven’t tried the incredible maple syrup, from Forbes Wild Foods, I strongly recommend it! Whether it’s light, amber, medium or dark, Seth has you covered – and thank goodness! Just couldn’t imagine my morning oatmeal without it. 

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Please Sign and Share..

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About the petition: It’s asking the federal government for a National Nutritional Coupon Program, and here’s why it’s important: 

“Provincial farmers’ market nutrition coupon programs are successful with multiple impacts – including strengthening food security, sustaining local farmers and foodlands, providing nutritionally vulnerable households access to healthy locally grown foods, promoting community inclusion and reducing social isolation, and positively impacting the physical and mental health of participants by increasing the amount and diversity of fresh foods they eat.” Thanks so much for your support.

And to let you know, Marina Queirolo, who’s been doing incredible work to support farmers’ markets in Toronto (and beyond), asked me to share this petition. She’s also founder (and steward), of “Market City TO” – wow! Ok, so if you’re reading this Marina, you rock! 💜 

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Gorgeous red and green cabbage from Nith Valley Organics – the perfect winter veggie!

LIST OF VENDORS for February 15th:

  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Plan B Organics
  • Noki Farms
  • The Cutting Veg
  • Johnson Family Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • Green Florin
  • Hammerhead Fish
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine
  • Magic Oven
  • Kalmplex Snax

Yahoo! And see you Thursday.. xo


(*in the Clubhouse at Dufferin Grove Park – every Thursday. 3-7pm)

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