Hooray for May! 🙌


written by Nicole Jacobs, Market Manager

Market operates Thursdays, 3-7pm, at 875 Dufferin St 

Hooray indeed! At last week’s market, we were gifted with both incredible amounts of sunshine, and beautiful flowers – more of that please! Clearly, Chuck, of Johnson Family Bakery, would also like “a repeat”. We’ll do our best Chuck! 

image 1

And the gorgeous narcissus flowers that Chuck’s holding, came from “Taha Flora”. They were at our market for the first time last week, and loved the welcome that they received. And great news! They’ll be back this Thursday as well. So for those who want to do some early Mother’s Day shopping, go for it! Those flowers keep really well! And if not Mother’s Day, there are still so many good reasons to support a local, organic flower vendor – and your favourite farmers’ market too. I’m sure you can find one. 💜

image 2

More cause for “hoorays” still, were the gorgeous asparagus from Nith Valley Organics last week – first of the season! But as Nathan warns, “come early”! He was sold out of these, very quickly. 

image 3

“Oh my God – seedlings!!” Those were my exact words to Colette, of Urban Harvest, who actually surprised me last week, (showing up with these.) I thought her seedlings were still a week or so away – but I’m totally fine with that! And this week, she’ll have even more – including TOMATOES

image 4

Incidentally, Plan B Organics also “surprised” me last week – with strawberry seedlings! Such a good reason to “get your hands dirty”. Happy planting folks! haha 

image 5

And with the fantastic pre-summer temps we had last Thursday, the market was operating (mostly) outdoors. The courtyard really “came to life” – just magical. But having the sounds of an amazing saxophonist, probably didn’t hurt either. Yes – longtime market musician, Richard Underhill, was back at Dufferin. What a treat!

image 6

 Fresh fish from Fisherfolk – smoked fish, and some frozen varieties, also available. 

For This Week..

image 7

First up, get ready to welcome “Nahara Superfoods”, our pop-up vendor this week. They hail from Burlington, and business owner, Brinell Lewis, is excited to bring their organic ghee selection to Dufferin Grove. (A few words from Brinell):

“Nahara Superfoods offers exciting blends in ghee, vedic energy bites, and ghee dessert jars. In addition to being OMAFRA-compliant, we also cater to keto and paleo diets. Our products contain no refined ingredients or additives. We also post exciting vedic recipes, as well as many fun and mindful focused eating techniques on our instagram – and I am always just an email away: brinell@naharasuperfoods.com.”

image 8

And now a few returning vendors that we’ll have this week.

At last, Spade & Spoon!! They are only with us once a month currently, so “at last”, just seems appropriate. And yes, regrettably Blythe had to miss her scheduled market visit (for April), but she promises to be there this Thursday. And feel free to bring empties for her (jars), if you have some.

image 9

Also back this week, is Pine & Ginga Juice. Nicole (Headley) will have her amazing selection of fresh juices, granolas, and other tasty snack items. The beet juice is probably my favourite (of the juices), but also, so are the other three! haha

image 10

Green Florin also returns, with their bountiful selection of dried preserves – including nuts, seeds and oils. 🙌

LIST OF VENDORS for May 9th:

  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Plan B Organics
  • Noki Farms
  • Urban Harvest
  • Johnson Family Bakery
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Fisherfolk
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • Spade & Spoon
  • Kalmplex Snax
  • Magic Oven
  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine
  • Pine & Ginga Juice
  • Taha Flora
  • Nahara Superfoods! (pop-up)

Update for the “Full” Outdoor Market..

For the last few weeks, (if you recall), the weather has allowed for at least, a partial outdoor market – yay! However, our aim is still to have the market eventually return to “the west side”, (facing Dufferin St.) Still at the same location (875 Dufferin St), but partially on the grass area. Some vendors will also be set up on the concrete apron (that wraps around the south-end of the clubhouse building.) Will be quite the setup!

So initially we were told that our target date of May 16th, would be possible – but that now seems unlikely. So as a result, May 30th is now our proposed date for the full outdoor market. But thankfully, (as previously stated), the market will still continue every Thursday (throughout the delays) – so please stick with us! (And updates will continue, in the meantime. 🙂

image 11

Fresh for spring, “Kalepini”, from Nith Valley Organics.

Thanks everyone, and see you Thursday. 


(*in the Clubhouse at Dufferin Grove Park – every Thursday, 3-7pm)

image 12

Chocolate-walnut brownies from Johnson Family Bakery.