Sharing Is Caring! 💜


written by Nicole Jacobs, Market Manager

Market operates Thursdays, 3-7pm, at 875 Dufferin St 

*full vendor list here.

Thankfully, both of those things are always in abundance at the Dufferin Grove Market. Lots of sharing, along with plenty of caring – well done everyone! 🤸🏿‍♂️

And with this week’s (kid’s) Clothing Swap, there’ll be even more to go around! 

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So if you do have any kids or baby clothing that you’d like to “share” with your wonderful community, or would like such items shared with you, now’s the time. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with lots of caring – I promise! The event happens this Thursday at the market, from 3-5:30pm – with a sing-along starting at 5:15pm.

A few things to remember (about the clothing swap):

*all are welcome – all is FREE

*baby and kids clothing only

*take what you like, (bringing something is not required)

*ensure items brought are clean and in good condition

*swap takes place from 3-5:30pm, (June 13th)

*sing-along is from 5:15-5:45pm

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Gorgeous flowers from Aldergrove Farm.

A Tragic Farewell To St Anne’s..

I usually try to keep these newsletters fairly upbeat, but in this case, I felt an exception was warranted. Many of you have probably heard by now, that our dear St Anne’s Church (near Dundas and Gladstone), had a devastating fire this past weekend. Fortunately, no one was injured – but much of the church hall was completely destroyed. Since 1908, this church has served as a beacon to our community, offering support to many. This is in addition to housing priceless artwork, and often, art performances. So it comes as no surprise, that many have been hit hard by this tragic loss – including the Dufferin Grove Market.

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As many of you may recall, St Anne’s was an important source of refuge for the market – during the pandemic (and beyond.) From early 2020 until 2022, St Anne’s allowed us a space to run our online store, and pack customer orders. And thank you again, to those of you who supported the market during this period – you kept our vendors going too! 

St Anne’s then continued to host us, even after we resumed (to being in-person), during the winter seasons of 2022 and 2023. This was as we waited for the clubhouse (we now use), to be ready. So although the current circumstances are very tragic, the Dufferin Grove Market has still had some wonderful memories at St Anne’s Church. We will always be grateful to the church, for opening its doors to us, in various times of need. Talk about sharing and caring. 💜

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Tasty treats, all of which you’ll find at the market this week – yum!

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A decadent pecan butter tart from Johnson Family Bakery.

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Spade & Spoon is back at the market this week.

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Hot & cold, smoked arctic char from First Fish – poised on top of beautiful sheep wool from Nith Valley Organics

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Incredible spring radish from Knuckle Down Farm.

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House of Tigernut returns to the market this week, (on a bi-weekly basis).

New Vendors This Week..

Scroll for the full vendor list, or click here.

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Sundance Harvest starts their season at the market, this week – hooray! (Business owner), Cheyenne is super excited to be back at Dufferin, and will have:

“herbs, green garlic, red romaine, baby kale, chicory, and green head lettuce.”

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And get ready for momos!! If you’ve been missing these tasty treats, the wait is finally over. TC Tibetan Momos also starts back this week, (on a bi-weekly basis). And don’t forget to try that hot sauce! 🌶️

HEADS UP for June 20th..

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Repair Cafe returns to the market next week – June 20th! For those unfamiliar, Repair Cafe fixes an array of household items (including small appliances.) This is all free of charge, but donations are welcome. For more information:

Their other dates at Dufferin this season are:

-July 18

-August 15

-September 19

Highlight From Last Week..

Seth, of Forbes Wild Foods, posing with his fantastic “Chicken of the Woods”.

Now before I get into trouble, Seth warned me to let all of you know, that he may or may not have these this week. As Seth tells me, “foraging often depends on luck”. But I just couldn’t not use this photo! Ok, now here’s a few words from Seth about that photogenic beauty he’s holding:

“Chicken of the woods is an aptly named mushroom. It looks like, chews like and even tastes like chicken. 🐓 Because of its density, it is usually sliced thinly and then sautéed with a fair amount of butter or oil. A little onion or shallot in the pan would always be an option. Because of its meatiness, it does a good job making vegetarian chicken dishes. Eat the Woods!” Thank you Seth!

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Amazing “sweets & savouries”, from Robinson Bread.

Last week of spring! Hope to see you at the market. xo


(*outside the Clubhouse at Dufferin Grove Park – every Thursday, 3-7pm)

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Delicious organic dried fruit, from Kalmplex Snax.

VENDORS _ June 13, 2024


  • Plan B Organics
  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Reyes Farms
  • Noki Farms
  • Urban Harvest 
  • Knuckle Down Farm
  • Aldergrove Farm
  • Kooner Farm 
  • Sundance Harvest – new!

Meat, Fish & Dairy:

  • Rogers Ranch
  • First Fish
  • Nith Valley (lamb & chicken)
  • Monforte Dairy


  • Rogers Ranch
  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Kooner Farm


  • Johnson Family Bakery 
  • Robinson Bread

Prepared Foods:

  • Magic Oven
  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine
  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • TC Tibetan Momos – new!

Preserves & Specialty Items:

  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • Kamplex Snax
  • Jiggy Popz
  • Spade & Spoon
  • House of Tigernut


  • Heartwood Farm & Cidery
  • Blood Brothers Brewing

Special Event:

  • (Kid’s) Clothing Swap! 👚👖 
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Delicious stewed curry goat with vegetables, from Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine.