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And Then There Were Three! ????

Oh my! “Say it isn’t so”, right?! Wish I could folks, but it’s true. Our [...]

Oh Captain! My Captain.

Hello Market Friends: There is so much news from the vendors that we’d better start [...]

Anatomy of a Delivery

Hello Market Friends:This week, we invite you behind the scenes at the market depot, to [...]

Bountiful and Beautiful Harvests

Photo credit: Buschbeck FarmsHello Market Friends: At approximately 4:32 last Thursday, fall blew into the [...]

Stories and Storms 🌪️

Hello Market Friends: There is no pretending that the climate crisis only affects people far [...]

What are you eating?

Hello Market Friends: I’m hoping the first shock of the cold has passed, and many [...]

Pumpkins, Parsnips and Perogies – but no Pine Cones

Hello Market Friends: When his future mother-in-law asked if he liked Brussels sprouts, my now [...]

A Cozy and Abundant Market

We timed it just right. Okay, there were a couple of stormy market days we’d [...]