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Our Farmers are tops – and so are their veggies!

Hello Market Friends: Are you as excited as I am for the first market, and [...]

A Veggie and Fruit-Full Week

Hello Market Friends: Life may not always be a bowl of cherries, but this week, [...]

More Veggies than you can Shake a Stick at

This is one of those weeks when you’ll need a wheelbarrow to get all the [...]

Good Eggs and Bad Writing

Beg for Eggs, Make Room for Shrooms, Clap for Sap! So many great things coming [...]

Berry Bliss! 🍓🍓🍓

written by Nicole Jacobs, Market Manager Market operates Thursdays, 3-7pm, at 875 Dufferin St  Strawberries!!! [...]

Sunny Days Ahead! 🤩

Such a fun farmers’ market we had last week! Yes, there was also pretty persistent [...]

Dufferin Grove Rocks! 💪

Yes, Dufferin Grove does rock, (obviously) – but you knew that! Such a smart bunch [...]

Finally – Spring Has Sprung! 

First market of April (2024) – bring it! Yup, that’s this Thursday – and where [...]

Springing Into Spring!

Yes folks, the year’s first equinox is already upon us – hope you enjoy it! [...]

More Good Things to Come!

So last week I talked about “marching ahead”, as we’d just started a new month. [...]