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A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Hello Market Friends: I was surprised when I heard the old saying, ‘What goes around, [...]

The Thinning of the Veil (and the Braiding of the Garlic)

Hallowe’en week always makes me nostalgic for Dufferin Grove Markets of the past. Especially in [...]

The 2021 Forecast

Hello Market Friends: A year has passed since the market moved operations to the Parish [...]

Abuzz with Excitement

Hello Market Friends: For beekeepers, the first warm days of spring can be an anxious [...]

The Equinox Edition

Witch hazels blooming on Havelock Street: a sure sign of spring Hello Market Friends: It’s Official! [...]

A Tale of Two Cabbages 🐶

Hello Wonderful People! Last week was a tough one in the customer service department. As [...]

What are you eating?

Hello Market Friends: I’m hoping the first shock of the cold has passed, and many [...]

Help! Send Jokes!

Hello Market Friends: Everybody is grumbling about the rain. My first thought was that a [...]

A Lamp Burning Bright

Happy Diwali! Tonight, to celebrate India’s “festival of lights”, many people around the world will [...]

Sweetness and Light

The light is marvellous these days! The strengthening sun isn’t good for rink conditions, but [...]