Lots to Look Forward to!

One day, everything looks like tea made from old tea bags, except for the odd [...]

From Good Cheer to Good Grief

In the city things still seem betwixt and between, but there’s lots of energy on [...]

Good Eggs and Bad Writing

Beg for Eggs, Make Room for Shrooms, Clap for Sap! So many great things coming [...]

A New Season Begins

Ignore the thermometer and enjoy the sun! It’s spring! We’ve got a bit of news [...]

Springing Forward?

The evidence that spring is unstoppable is mounting: first robin of the year spotted on [...]

Women and Food & Women in Food: International Women’s Day News

  I grew up being fed by wonderful women, my mother in particular, and my [...]

Sweet, Scary and Surprising

  It’s hard to know what to wish for with this weather, isn’t it? I [...]

Sweetness and Light

The light is marvellous these days! The strengthening sun isn’t good for rink conditions, but [...]

Roots, Shrooms, and Macaroons!

I’m happy to report that our Vendor List will be a little longer this week! [...]

Home Cookin’

Another beautiful produce list has arrived from Everdale Organic Farm for this week’s market: spinach, [...]