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Let There be Cake, and Prizes too!

Hello Market Friends New and Old: This week, we are celebrating the 18th birthday of [...]

The Frost is on the Pumpkin

Hello Market Friends: The silvery moon brought the first frost to my garden this weekend. [...]

An Eventful Week 🎃

Hello Market Friends: So much can happen in a week! When we put out a [...]

A Wish at Year’s End

Hello Market Friends: We are coming to the longest night of the year, and it [...]

Last Market of 2018!

Hello Market Friends Young and Old, Near and Far, The solstice is almost here, and [...]

Putting your Money where your Mouth is

I’ve been noticing, when conversations turn to saving money, how to cut food costs is [...]

What a Week!

What a week! Many an anxious farmer has been watching the weather and the power [...]

No Fooling, It’s April!

On farms like All Sorts Acre, there are new arrivals, and we are happy to [...]

The First Market of SPRING!

Official Start of Spring Checklist:  First Robin Sighting: check! Witchhazel is in Bloom: check! Day [...]

March 8th-A Toast to Women Who Feed Us!

This week’s market falls on International Women’s Day, so let’s pay tribute to the many [...]