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Oxen, Cardinals, Hearts and… Spinach

Hello Market Friends: Happy Year of the Ox! There is no question that we need [...]

New Faces, “Old” Faces…

I’m sure that many of you would agree that this market season has been truly [...]

Mindful Gratitude

Hmm.. That phrase can mean many things, no? And honestly, I’m not sure that I [...]

Parades, Repairs, and Tofu

Dear Market Friends: So this is it! After May 12th, we are going to move [...]

Earth Day From a Farming Lens

Hello Market Friends: It’s exciting (and slightly daunting) that there are just 3 online markets [...]

Shout it out!

We’re shouting it from the rooftops: GOOD-HEARTED-LEVEL-HEADED-COMMUNITY-MINDED-WELL-INFORMED-PRO-ORGANIC-PEOPLE NEEDED!   You may have read our callout [...]

Keeping an Eye on the Trends

Hello Market Friends,   There is a constant stream of numbers and statistics available on [...]

Picture a Farm…

When you look to the future, what kinds of food and farms do you imagine? [...]