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Inside and Outside on All Sides!

We’ve had some wonderful fall days, and then we’ve had a few others, like last Thursday, [...]

Celebrating a Lucky 13 Years!

Hello Market Friends: Another market anniversary has rolled round! Let’s celebrate 13 years of friendships, learning, [...]

Play Hooky on the Rink

Last week it could have been November; this week it’s heaven! We have the perfect [...]

Have No Fear

At Night of Dread, there’s always a chant about laughing at fear and death. We’ve [...]

Shoots, Roots, Leaves (and no Steve!)

Hello Market Friends: Last Thursday, Jenny and Lea called me over to see the grasshopper [...]

Staying Ahead of Jack Frost

For October 15th, 2015. Don’t forget, we’re on the RINK! Hello Market Friends: We’re hearing reports [...]

Please join us for a wonderful harvest market!

The vendors are getting ready for a splendid Thanksgiving market, featuring the best of local harvests. Everybody [...]

All the Best Flavours of Fall, on the Rink!

Hello Market Friends: COME JOIN US ON THE RINK! October is a month to celebrate, [...]

Why do we Bother?

Hello Market Friends: So, why do we have a farmers’ market that focuses not only [...]

Tastes of Two Seasons

Hello Market Friends: You know what they say on TV: “Winter is Coming….” Well, don’t [...]