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I Eat my Peas with Honey

It will be the longest Thursday of the year, but you can look forward to [...]

Fair Days, Fair Food

The longest and loveliest early summer days must be savoured. Swap ‘busy’ for better words, [...]

Local and International Food News

Have you been following the news of a possible ban of glyphosphate (Roundup) in the [...]

Greens, Blues, and Other News

  We may be going through a little wintry blip, but inside Plan B’s greenhouses, [...]

March Sun

My mother had a lot of favourite tips from aunts, grandmothers, and country women she [...]

Salads & Skates

Just three more markets for 2015, and the market still has plenty of choices to [...]

Staying Ahead of Jack Frost

For October 15th, 2015. Don’t forget, we’re on the RINK! Hello Market Friends: We’re hearing reports [...]

Please join us for a wonderful harvest market!

The vendors are getting ready for a splendid Thanksgiving market, featuring the best of local harvests. Everybody [...]