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Long Weekend, Here We Come! 💪

So the saga continues? Of the spring that wouldn’t quite “spring”, I mean. haha  Well [...]

Rainbow Road

We made it through our first (somewhat) rainy market day, with flying colours….so much so [...]

You Gotta Make Your Own

Hello Market Friends: You can’t go to the movies, you can’t hang around in your [...]

Love Your Market, February 8th, 2018

Lots of comings and goings to report this time: Shayne will be setting up in [...]

Local…It’s not just for summer anymore

A number of people I’ve met lately have asked if I take a long winter [...]

Fair Days, Fair Food

The longest and loveliest early summer days must be savoured. Swap ‘busy’ for better words, [...]

Your Belly will Thank You

Note: We’re open Thursdays from 3pm to 7 pm, whatever the weather, whatever the season. [...]