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Great Producers, Tough Challenges

It’s fun to be the bearer of good news. Each summer week, I get to [...]

A Feat and a Feast!

It’s still May, but what a selection! The local items that will be on our [...]

The List Gets Longer

We had a sweet market in the park last week, and this one is going [...]

*Green Day at the Market*

We’re looking forward to a superb spring market, and with weather so lovely, the vendors [...]

Rewards for Rubber Boot Wearers

You may not associate bad weather with bargains, but last week’s storm left Best Baa [...]

Sap Season Market News

On a walk by the lake last weekend, I noticed little blooms emerging on the [...]

How many more weeks of ‘winter’?

I couldn’t decide what the groundhog’s vote was on Tuesday, but I did spot snowdrops [...]

How Sweet It Is

The market will be full of good cheer this week. It’s the last one of [...]

Celebrating a Lucky 13 Years!

Hello Market Friends: Another market anniversary has rolled round! Let’s celebrate 13 years of friendships, learning, [...]

Please join us for a wonderful harvest market!

The vendors are getting ready for a splendid Thanksgiving market, featuring the best of local harvests. Everybody [...]