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Who’s Got Great Growers?

Who's got great growers?

The beautiful vegetables in the photo featured up top are all ones grown from Urban Harvest seeds. Thank you to Colette Murphy for her extraordinary dedication to preserving and celebrating heritage and open-pollinated varieties. No cardboard flavoured tomatoes or boring standard shipment sizes here! Many of these treasures would disappear were it not for seed […]

Busy, Busy

Busy, busy

Busy days on the farms mean a few changes to the roster, and many good things coming to market: Jessie Sosnicki says Ben will be bringing LOTS of strawberries, a few of the early ‘Wendy’ variety, but mainly the later ‘Jewel’ ones. Lots of lettuce, bunches of kale, and maybe the first few zucchini if […]

Bringing it All In

Bringing it all in

We’ve received some inquiries recently which remind me that not everyone who’s interested in supporting the market has been attending for years. This is good! If you’ve just started coming, welcome! We launched the market 15 years ago this month, and it has been going strong YEAR-ROUND ever since. Our winter HQ (the rinkhouse in […]

August Abundance

August abundance

Our growers are bringing bunches, bags or baskets of pretty much everything that grows in this province, and our cooks are preparing sensational summer food. Sink your teeth into all the flavours of August, it’s delicious. Here’s a little news: From Jenny at Knuckle Down Farm: “We have lots and lots of carrots this week, bunched […]

Linger Longer

Linger longer

Thursdays at Dufferin Grove are so lovely and lively at this time of year that you may want to plan an extended visit. We suggest arriving in good time to scoop up market treasures such as Niagara Lavender Farm’s first peaches, which will be making their debut. Then you can do the full circuit to load […]

Bumper to Bumper Crops!

Bumper to bumper crops!

The produce lists say it all. It’s high season! The freshest organic harvests in the land will be coming to the market: Shared Harvest Highlights: “We have fresh cooking onions, parsley, salad mix, purslane, lambsquarters (move over spinach), garlic, radish, turnips, kale, chard, callaloo, lettuce heads, ground cayenne powder and deep red pac choi.” Kevin […]