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Melon-Mania! 🍈

Hello Market Friends:  Another guest writer for you this week folks. It’s me, Nicole, your PPP [...]

Reasons for Optimism

Hello Market Friends: It’s hard not to get discouraged by events these days, but we’ve [...]

Drum Roll Please…

Matt here. Is it July already?! Where to begin… Do you have lots of reusable [...]

We Approve of June

Hello Market Friends: When someone at the market depot does something exceptional, they earn a [...]

The 2021 Forecast

Hello Market Friends: A year has passed since the market moved operations to the Parish [...]

I Hope This Newsletter Finds You Well

Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms fresh from Oregon, available from Forbes Wild Foods. Buttery flavour and very versatile! Hello Market Friends: [...]

Cozy Comfort from the Market

Happy 2021, Market Friends! I hope you have enjoyed some restful time over the past [...]

Arugula Fields Forever

Hello again dear Market Friends, It feels like the weeks are just flying by. I [...]

Good Food Helps

Good Food Helps! Obviously, right? And why not let “good food” help your goodbye to [...]

The Shift

Hello Market Friends: We’ve come to the last market day in August, and a shift [...]