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Spring Celebration News

Hello Market Friends: Maybe your home is better organized than ours. We haven’t gotten round [...]

Pan Fried Asparagus with Mushrooms and Green Garlic Hollandaise

Pan Fried Asparagus with Mushrooms and Green Garlic Hollandaise Servers 4-6 Suggested order quantity: 2x [...]

Favourite Things: the January List

Hello Market Friends: Skiing, or après-skiing? Speed skating, or rapid eye movement during long winter [...]

A Wish at Year’s End

Hello Market Friends: We are coming to the longest night of the year, and it [...]

Ready or Not!

Hello Market Friends: Depending how you feel about it, we have jumped into winter, or [...]

An End of Summer Symphony

Hello Market Friends: Summer is ending with a huge crescendo. We have a record number [...]

Remembering, and Savouring the Moment

Hello Market Friends: Although it is surprising to be wearing sweaters in June, we are [...]

It’s Cozy in the Kitchen

Hello Market Friends: When winter winds blow, it’s time to load up on market ingredients [...]

To-Do Lists and To-Eat Lists

Hello Market Friends, Before we get to the details about vendors and food that you’re [...]

Why an onion?

I overheard an interesting conversation at last week’s market. One market shopper asked another, “If [...]