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Market News-The Winter Solstice Edition

The short dark days of early winter are challenging for many of us, but take [...]

Roaring August

Dear Market Community, It’s been a while! My name is Aanastasia, and I am guest-writing [...]

Would this music still be hidden…

First, I must tell you that it has been a busy week behind the scenes [...]

The Farmers, the Bakers, the Kawartha Broom Maker

Hello Market Friends: It seems like anyone who can get away is out of town [...]

The Equinox Edition

Witch hazels blooming on Havelock Street: a sure sign of spring Hello Market Friends: It’s Official! [...]

New in November

Hello Market Friends: Well, I guess Summer: the Sequel had to end. You wouldn’t think [...]

A Different Way

Hello Market Friends: There was a new moon this week, and I hear that means [...]

News for February 20th

Hello Market Friends: It may be February, but you can have a rainbow on your [...]

Enjoy a (free) Taste of Endless Summer

Just when you think it’s over, there’s a last blast of summer! Come join the [...]

The Best Flavours of Summer

It’s going to be like a country fair this week, with all the growers vying [...]