Bruized is a Toronto based, women-run startup on a mission to fight food waste by revolutionizing our food systems.

We want you to feel good about what you fuel with while helping divert perfectly good food from going to waste. Our ultimate vision is to create awareness on the issue of food waste, through education and by example, with our line of sustainable, yummy eats- all made with imperfect rescued ingredients. We’re all about Embracing Imperfect by creating Feel Good Food for Planet + People.

Every Bruized product is all natural, vegan, and handmade in small batches, using imperfect produce or ingredients from our partnerships with local farms and retail stores.

We are known for taking organic juice pulp from local juiceries to create our high fibre Pulp Crunch granola clusters, and use imperfect fruits from local farms + retails to incorporate into our cookies and spreads.

100% Vegan | Gluten-free | Handmade