2017-02-13 23.25.04Krista Tobias and Chris Brown make 100% gluten-free galettes, loaves, quiches, cookies and brownies that are delicious enough for everyone, featuring a seasonal selection of local and mainly organic ingredients. (Year-round.)


Krista will come to drop off pre-orders on the afternoon of Thursday April 2nd. Order by midnight Tuesday!

Galettes, 3 types: Mushroom, Tomato-spinach, or Swiss chard. $13.50 each
5 “ quiche, 3 types: Salmon, Broccoli, or Sausage $4.50 each
9 “ Veggie quiche with broccoli, mushroom and cheddar $16
9” Sausage quiche with sausage, peppers and mushrooms $18
Lamb galettes $5

Brownies $3
Carrot Cake: Piece $4
Carrot cake: 1/4 slab $20
1/2 a dozen vegan cookies: Choice of buckwheat / Quinoa. $12