Fancy Pants Kids has been outfitting Dufferin Grove area kids since 2008 and was a regular fixture at Toronto’s major craft shows, local festivals and toy shops, and online. If you’ve seen kids zooming around the parks in brightly coloured super capes or fiercely employing dragon tails, they likely came from us. Also proud designer and builder of many of the costume items at the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. The items listed here are the last of our regular stock. Designed and produced here in Toronto by market staffer Gretel Meyer Odell, a veteran of the Toronto theatre community, co-founder of StoryMobs and a lifelong devotee of imagination, creative play and quality local made items. Items are made to last. Flexible sizing, machine washable and free of commercial characters or gender role expectations. Colours belong to everyone! Someone small (or large) you know needs a pick me up right now and this just might be the ticket! Gretel was raised on an organic farm on Prince Edward Island…her heart lies with the farmers and those who are supporting the market through this pandemic.