Vasile Florin is a walnut grower from Moldova. He brings natural products from Moldova to the market, including walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, walnut, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame oil, and a variety of dried fruits. Green Florin is not certified organic.

GreenFlorin Nuts


Vasile will come to Toronto if he gathers enough pre-orders. Talk to your neighbours and re-stock your pantries! To place an order, email his helpful daughter Dasha: <>

Products available:

From Pine River Organic Farm:
Spinach 1lb $15 Or smaller bag $5
Carrots basket $5
Potatoes basket $3
Onion basket $3
Beets basket $3
Squash 2$ per pound (total price given when squash is weighed)
Fresh Maple Sap 750ml $4

From Moldova:
Dry sour cherries 1lb $15
Prunes 1lb $10
Dry apricots 1lb $10
Dry peaches 1lb $10
Pumpkin seeds 200gr $5
Raw almonds 200gr $8
Dry rosehips 200gr $5
Walnuts in glass jar 750ml 15$
Hazelnuts in glass jar 750ml 15$
Sunflower oil 1L 14$