SPRING 2020 

Heriter Farms comes to Toronto regularly to offer pickup and delivery of pre-orders. Go to heriterfarms.com to see the range of organic beef and pork on offer, or call Valencia at 613-970-6633. Barbeque season is coming…

Patrick Galpin and Valencia Bedard  own and run Heriter Farms in Marlbank, 25 minutes north of Napanee. They are organic producers of heritage breed pork and beef, certified through Ecocert Canada.

Their pork is raised on pasture and is never restrained from being outside once piglets are older than 3 weeks. Even in the winter, they live outside but have access to dry comfortable accommodation in their 4 acre winter cedar paddock near the barns. During the summer they rotate through cedar and pasture paddocks living as pigs are meant to, rooting for fresh food and wallowing in the mud when they desire to. They raise Tamworth and Berkshire pork and have their own boars.

They raise Highland cattle, originally from Scotland, and they are 100% grass fed. Grass fed beef is substantially healthier for consumers than grain and corn fed beef as well as being more flavorful. They have one of the largest “folds” (Scottish term for herd) in Canada and are proud of their animals. In addition to the Highland beef they currently offer, they will soon start to provide 100% grass fed Black Angus beef, also certified organic, and in 2 years they will have Highland/Angus cross beef as well.