The Kawartha Broom Co. is located in Kirkfield, Ontario, just east of Lake Simcoe. We make indoor, outdoor and specialty brooms that are hand wound and hand stitched. Each broom is a uniquely crafted product that is meant to be used. We offer Shaker style and Appalachian style corn brooms. We take great pride in offering quality, colourful brooms, made in Ontario, that are built to last. 

Gentler on the planet than plastic, our old fashioned corn brooms with wood sticks will tackle any job that calls for a good sweep. To protect the bristles, each handle has a threaded leather string making it easy to hang on a hook. When stored, keep the brooms inside and dry, away from the sun and rain. If you don’t have a hook, lean the broom against a wall and flip the broom upside down so the bristles stay on top.

In light of COVID-19, the broomcorn of each broom will come individually wrapped in paper.

By purchasing a Kawartha broom you support jobs in small town Ontario.