Thursdays 3:00- 7:00pm


Rain or shine, all year long, from the first Thursday after New Year’s Day to the last Thursday before Dec. 24th.




Dufferin Grove Park (875 Dufferin, S of Bloor), across from the Dufferin Mall. You’ll find the market in the northwest corner of the park, just off of Dufferin. The closest subway stop is Dufferin Station (one block north). Dufferin buses, both northbound and southbound, stop every three minutes right at our corner. The market is outdoors around the rinkhouse in summer, on the rinkpad in fall, in and around the rinkhouse in winter.




You are likely to get a ticket if you park illegally on Dufferin Park Ave., the little street leading into the park. Please obey the signs. Just a short walk away, across from St. Mary’s High School on the north side of the park, there are special signs allowing parking on Thursdays for market hours. Please use those spots or other legal ones in the area.


Planning Ahead


During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, there is an ATM available, just inside the rinkhouse. In addition, some of our vendors accept credit or debit cards, but shoppers should plan to bring cash for most purchases. During our Winter season, we have a ‘Square’ to help you access enough cash and market bucks to do your market shopping. For large withdrawals, there are ATMs at the corner of Bloor and Dufferin, and inside Dufferin Mall, up the escalator at the south end.

We encourage everyone to bring their own bags and containers, and try to make the market as close to a zero waste event as possible. At the information table, we have a ‘give a bag, take a bag’ depot where you can donate extra clean shopping bags or take what you need if you forget to bring your own.