For over 19 years, the market has fostered strong bonds between local and organic food producers and the people they feed.  

We’ve never faced a challenge like the current one, but we’re determined to keep our market community connected, and to provide you with safe ways to continue eating well while supporting our farmers and vendors.

Dufferin Grove Park

has had a year-round farmers’ market since November of 2002. This makes it one of the oldest farmers’ markets in Toronto!

What began as a collaboration between three localfarmers, interested community members, and City of Toronto staff at the park, quickly grew. Thanks to special food programs like the wood-fired oven baking (developed by CELOS ; Centre for Local Research into Public Space), the market fostered a special warm heart and unique atmosphere, allowing it to thrive.

From the beginning,

the market’s focus has been to foster direct connections between local organic farmers and urban eaters, through a welcoming weekly gathering. With well over 30 vendors during peak season, the market offers an exceptional selection of local produce, meats, dairy, fair-trade and wild options, as well as other farm products. City-based food producers further build upon our local farm connections by using local ingredients in their prepared foods.

Join us at the market to find out just how tasty your local and sustainable food system can be!


The Web Shop

As the realities of COVID-19 and physical distancing became apparent, it was clear that farmers’ markets would need to be very different in 2020.  We started a project in an attempt to keep farmers and vendors supplying food to the neighbourhood and city.
This undertaking would not have been possible without the generous support of the Gingko Foundation, St. Anne’s Anglican Church, and Word and Data.
We are tremendously grateful for their assistance.
While the Web Shop is closed for now, we may bring it back when the time is right.

Partners, Funders, Friends

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Organic Council of Ontario
Farmers' Markets Ontario
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
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Park People
Repair Café Toronto
word and data
Government of Canada