We manage our orchard on a daily basis, assessing the needs and threats as they present themselves. Each year presents new challenges for us, different from the previous year. The Niagara Region specifically has generally high humidity levels, which create an environment where disease thresholds may be high. Our best practices include using a combination of organic products and an integrated pest management system (IPM). Simply, IPM means that we do everything possible to avoid using any conventional products. But, if it means we are going to lose our crops, due to pests and diseases that cannot be controlled by using organic products, then we consciously choose the least harmful options available on the market.

Fantasia Nectarines - 1.5L
Nectarines in a Tree

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Harrow diamond Peaches -2-litre basket

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Cherries - Sweet - 1 quart

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Cheeries - Sweet - 1.5 L
Cherries - 1.5L

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Early Golden Plums - 1.5L
Early Golden Plums - 1.5L

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