Twenty dollars to spend how you or the recipient likes.  Can be emailed to anyone.  Can be purchased in multiples for higher value. Gift Certificate fine print.  

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The perfect gift for true farmers' market fans. We've selected market highlights, so digging into this box is like walking through a busy market and coming home with the best of everything! Savoury, sweet, spicy and wild, there is something for all inside! Boxes do not require refrigeration. Actual contents may not be exactly as pictured.

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An abundant celebration of local flavours, these gifts boxes come packaged up and ready to give. Contents include dried wild mushrooms, lamb pepperettes, local preserves, snacks and treats! Boxes do not require refrigeration. Actual contents may not be exactly as pictured.

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For the sagacious gift giver. This gift box is a shelf stable cornucopia of organic goods. A beautiful selection from our vendors including items like our vegan and virgin caesar mix, gentle soap, interesting and healthy treats, and of course some delicious jam. Attractively wrapped, but not Christmas-y, this combination is wonderful as a present for any celebration: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc.

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This is a perfect gift for teachers, caregivers, pet-sitters, hosts, and anyone else you want to thank! Shelf stable so you can get your shopping done early.

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These gifts boxes come packaged up and ready to give. A sweet, savoury, and spicy assortment of Dufferin Grove Market treats! Boxes do not require refrigeration. Actual contents may not be exactly as pictured.

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Made by our dear friend Deb, these wreaths were harvested here and hand crafted using upcycled ribbon, reused wire frames, and natural greens. Each one is slightly different, and unique. Only so many of each exist as once the ribbon is gone, it's gone.

Please also consider supporting the market.

250ml organic sunflower oil, sea Salt AND Sweet & Salty Popcorn bags, 480gr bag popcorn kernels, 50ml OoohLaLa Hot Sauce, 2lbs each of mini yellow potatoes AND Sweet Potatoes. All in one nice reusable paper bag for the gift of giving. ALL CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

Ever wish your loved one would sweep up a little more? Introducing the Great Canadian hockey broom. These brooms made from recycled hockey sticks work on ice or on any surface that needs sweeping. Add a little fun to your daily chores and you'll find more volunteers before you know it.

a great gift for yourself or someone special Size: mens 10

A mighty Caesar mix without the clam, anchovies, or MSG. Instead we add a splash of our pickle brine and the right balance of spices. Just add Vodka or try it virgin!

HOLIDAY MACAROONS - Ingredients: Coconut Flakes*, Coconut Butter*, Agave*, Molasses*, Vanilla*, Spices*, Sea Salt* (*organic) - Package Size: 240g

the ultimate gift of self indulgence (approx 4 ft long, white

Welcome friends to your door with a glorious rustic wreath! Seed colours include burgundy, reddish brown, light tan, black and white. At the end of the season you can leave the wreath out for birds to help them through winter.

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Made with fresh milled organic spelt flour and embellished with pistachios, hazelnuts and organic kumquats and other organic citrus I candied earlier this year, this biscuit cake improves in flavour over time -- ou have a month to eat it. It tastes like a cross between shortbread and biscotti. Cut long thin slices and eat with tea or coffee. The slices are nice toasted, if you like. Contains, eggs, butter, sugar and nuts.


For over 19 years, the market has fostered strong bonds between local and organic food producers and the people they feed.

We’ve never faced a challenge like the current one, but we’re determined to keep our market community connected, and to provide you with safe ways to continue eating well while supporting our farmers and vendors.