Healthy, handcrafted popzicles & fudgezicles made with love in small batches

Jiggy Popz

Since 2021, Jiggy Popz innovators Karim (holistic nutrition student & fruit caregiver), Jessica (flavour chemist & chalk artiste) and Karim’s daughter, Aliyah (official taste tester & head of packaging), have been dedicated to their mission of bringing healthy, handcrafted popzicles to people young and old. They believe that indulging in a frozen treat is something that everyone should be able to enjoy and feel great about sharing, which is why all of their popz are full of real fresh fruit, vegan, and contain no refined sugars, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

They work hand in hand with local farmers, producers, and importers who work directly with international growers, to ensure that only the best fruit and ingredients go into every Jiggy Pop. Their Local Strawberry Chia Popzicle even uses Dufferin Grove’s very own Reyes Farm’s organic June berries! Some of their other amazing flavours include Just Mango, Fuzzy Peachzicle, Pumpkin Pie, and no visit to the market can be complete without trying one of their signature Chocolate Coconut Avocado Fudgezicles! They look forward to seeing you at the market this season and can’t wait to share one of their delicious Jiggy Popz with you!