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The 2023 year has started wonderfully, with vendors and shoppers all happy to be back in the park. The weather has been mostly good, and the stalls are overflowing with all the delicious goodies of early summer. But like most non-profit organizations, Dufferin Grove market is always short of money. One of our key values as an organization is that we are committed to keeping our prices as accessible as possible. At the same time, we are committed to ensuring our vendors and our staff all get fair remuneration for the work they do. These two goals are in natural opposition to each other, making it almost impossible for our revenues to keep pace with our expenses. We need to bridge that gap. So, dear friends, that is why we are asking all of you who can possibly help, to reach into your pockets and support your amazing Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market.

When we asked for your help last year, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of the response we received, and we hope that you will support us in the same way again this year. Our fundraising goal this year is an ambitious $20,000.

Donate $100 Now

If you can donate $100 or more, we offer, as an extra thank-you, one of DGOFM’s wonderful tote bags. You have seen them at the market; they retail for $20 and are perfect for carrying all the treasures you find every Thursday.

If $100 is more than you can manage, we completely understand. Every donation, of any amount, will be most appreciated. This is your market. We know how much you all love it. And we know you want to see it continue to be the great community hub it has been for 21 years!

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Questions and Answers

The market never ran fundraising campaigns before. Why now?

Some people have asked why Dufferin Grove market is suddenly in need of donations from the public. Well, the short answer is that it isn’t really sudden. We are a non-profit organization; non-profits are always short of money and frequently live on the edge of survival. Also, we know that there are many of you who have been loyal market-goers for many years, who have donated a few dollars or a few hundred dollars when the market needed it, quietly and with no public recognition. This is just our way of being up-front and public about the market’s need for ongoing financial support from its community.

Why so much this year?

There are several reasons why our needs are greater this year. The first is that while the beginning of the summer market season has been good, and it is great to see so many familiar faces on Thursday afternoons, the pandemic has taken a toll, and attendance is still not up to pre-Covid levels. This is not unique to Dufferin Grove; many of the city’s markets are reporting the same phenomenon. Nicole and her team are doing a great job of spreading the word about our great little market, but it will take time for people to get used to shopping in person again. We also have fewer vendors this year than previously. Some have chosen to do fewer weekday markets, some have found the travel distance to Toronto unmanageable. Nicole is constantly interviewing new applicants, but this too takes some time to find the right fit with our existing vendors.

At the same time, costs have gone up for the market as they have for all of us in our everyday lives. Permits and fees, insurance costs, weekly consumable supplies, and labour costs have all increased from pre-Covid years.

Why don’t you just raise fees?

Dufferin Grove has always been committed to being the link that enables city dwellers to access local, organic food directly from the people who grow or prepare those foods. Part of that commitment means keeping our prices as accessible as possible. We know that our vendors are also facing increases in all their costs, and if they have to increase their prices because the market increases its fees, fewer people will be able to afford the fresh and wonderful food that the market provides.

Every dollar helps your market and any amount is much appreciated

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market is a registered not-for-profit. Unfortunately we are not able to issue tax receipts.

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“I love how you’ve been so creative and resourceful in improvising a completely new way of reaching us all and keeping the market ecosystem going throughout the pandemic. So impressive!”
— B

“We the eaters are so fortunate to have dedicated folks like you keeping us market-goers nourished.”
— A

“The web site is great! It may be the best online shopping program I have used.”
— G