COVID-19 Health and Safety Precautions


For over 17 years, the market has fostered strong bonds between local and organic food producers and the people they feed. We’ve never faced a challenge like the current one, but we’re determined to keep our market community connected, and to provide you with safe ways to continue eating well while supporting our farmers and vendors. At present, that means we have shifted to pre-ordering market products online. We follow strict practices to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19, including, but not limited to:

Updated November 21st, 2020

  • Vendors, market staff and volunteers all practice proper preventive hygiene, including frequent and thorough hand-washing
  • All high-touch surfaces and equipment is sanitized frequently
  • Pickup times are be selected and assigned to minimize the number of people present at the pickup spot at any one time
  • Anyone waiting to pick up an order must practice social distancing
  • Anyone with cold, flu, influenza or COVID-19 symptoms must stay home and designate someone else to pick up their order or have it delivered

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