Hand Pulled Intaglio Print – Border Leicester


The Border Leicester (BL) has been in Canada for over 150 years. A large, hardy breed, the BL can trace it’s pedigree directly back to the famous Dishley Leicester, bred by Robert Bakewell in the 18th century.

Ideally suited to pasture based management the Border Leicesters are good mothers, have plenty of milk, a long, strong wool, and are quite large. These traits have left their mark on sheep across the world.

In recognition of one of the foundation breeds of sheep in Canada, Jennifer has created this intaglio etching. The printing plate is made from an old plastic container.

The print area is approximately 2″ x 2″. A varied edition of 50 will be made, all hand painted in a unique manner.

Each print is hand inked and printed by Jennifer. Each one is slightly different, making it unique. It comes mounted on a 5″ x 7″ recycled backing board ready for mounting.

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