Sheep and Basswood Tree Hand Pulled Print- Help us plant living fences


An original, black and white open edition created and hand-pulled print by Jennifer. Mounted on an 8×10 backing board. A living fence is the deliberate planting of trees at the edge of livestock pasture. These fences are intensively managed for both forest products and forage, providing both short- and long-term income sources, wind mitigation, wildlife habitat and natural corridors. Hedgerow species can be similar, if not the same as many silvopasture species making our future hedgerows a nursery for future silvopastures. Species chosen will be native to Ontario and beneficial to people, animals, and the ecosystem. BASSWOOD: This North American native was used for centuries for its fibrous inner bark and fragrant flowers. It bears unique flowers and large, heart-shaped leaves. The tree is stately as a single specimen or when it is allowed to form a clump. Unless suckers are removed from the base of the tree, a clump of small trees rather than one large tree will form. Bees love basswood flowers because they bloom in midsummer, when few other trees are in bloom. The Basswood is one of the lightest hardwoods and its odourless wood ensure its useful for many different purposes. A bath with Basswood flowers combined with a tea made from the same flowers is supposed to cure cold symptoms and act as a sleep aid. Although rabbits are a major pest to the American Basswood, it is still planted quite often as an ornamental due to its fragrant flowers and sizeable leaves.

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