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Dufferin grove farmers market produce

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Your market is in serious financial difficulty.  Ongoing pressures from COVID, delays and challenges with the Canada Revenue Agency, and unforeseen financial pressures have led to a short-term cash flow challenge.  And we are reaching out to you who love the market for help.

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Some Popular Items Available for Delivery from this Week's Farmers' Market

Essa Seedlings

Sunflower Sprouts

Tender microgreens with mild, nutty flavour!

Essa Seedlings

Pea Shoots

The edible leaves of the pea plant.

Robinson Bread

Country Sourdough

10% whole emmer, 90% white wheat

First Fish

Arctic Char Fillet

Raw Arctic Char Fillet (Flavour similar to a trout-salmon mix, in the salmon family). Roughly 130g.

First Fish

Turbot Fillet

Raw Turbot Fillet (Soft & delicate fish, in the halibut family). Roughly 130g.

Essa Seedlings

Daikon Radish Sprouts

Peppery sprouts with pretty purple stems!

10% whole rye, 30% whole spelt , 60% white wheat, with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and flax seeds

Robinson Bread

Sesame Baguette

Baguette, made with organic white wheat, and yellow flint corn covered in sesame seeds

Cold Smoked Arctic Char (Soft, salmon-like smoke). Roughly 110g.


1lb medium dark roast organic shade grown coffee beans

490 ml Jasmine scented organic green tea is the base of this year-round best seller brightened with sour cherry juice.

Harley Farms

Chicken thighs

High welfare chicken thighs 4/pkg

Harley Farms

Chicken breast


High welfare chicken breast 2/pkg

Harley Farms

Ground Beef


Grass fed ground beef 1lb

A bag of 12 frozen artisanal cheese buns (pao de queijo). Made from scratch with tapioca flour, organic milk, organic eggs and organic cheese. Easy and quick to bake at home.

Magic Oven

Veggie Samosas


hand-filled turnovers with potatoes and peas (vegan) - 6-pack


Package Size: 2 Burger Patties. Black Bean or Chickpea Millet (alternates each week)

Earth and City

Coconut Yogurt 8oz

Our house made ‘quick’ yogurt is sure to become a popular staple in your fridge. Ingredients: Coconut milk (guar gum)*, Lemon juice*, Vanilla extract*,, Dates, Psyllium husk (*organic) Package Size: 1 x 8oz

100% whole red spring wheat


65% dark chocolate with vanilla and sea salt (75g bar)

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