Handmade Paint Card – Medeival Palette


Small batch watercolour paints made with natural and farm ingredients. Made with a single, pure pigment, gum arabic, farm honey, and essential oil as a preservative. The pigments used for making paints are archival, eco-friendly, and sustainably-harvested from around the world. They contain no added fillers, additives, preservatives, stabilizers, or heavy metals.
Use the paint right on the card! This biodegradable, seed paper card is the ideal introduction to a limited watercolour palette. | The medieval palette is based on common colours found from approximately 500AD – 1400AD. Most paintings were done using egg as a binder instead of gum arabic. Pigments were sourced from nature and could range from soil to semi-precious stones, limiting the colours available. This palette was created to reflect the colours used during that time. Colours are:

– Ultramarine Blue – opaque, lightfastness: excellent
– Titanium White- opaque, lightfastness: excellent
– Yellow Ochre – opaque, lightfastness: excellent
– Burnt Umber – opaque, lightfastness: excellent
– Venetian Red – opaque, lightfastness: excellent
– Black Ochre – opaque, lightfastness: excellent
– Terre Verte – semi-transparent, lightfastness: excellent

Each paint is handmade and hand packaged on farm using honey from our own bees. The paper the paint is on contains wildflower seeds and is completely biodegradable.
MSDS available.

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