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One More Sweet September Afternoon

And so we arrive at the end of September, and the last ‘path’ market of [...]

Still in the Game

  There have been weeks this year when our market vendors may have felt like [...]

August Abundance

Our growers are bringing bunches, bags or baskets of pretty much everything that grows in [...]

Make Hay When?

On the country road where I grew up, we expected to hear our neighbours’ tractors [...]

Linger Longer

Thursdays at Dufferin Grove are so lovely and lively at this time of year that [...]

Spring Rains, Growing Pains and Good Things to Eat

We’re moving a few of the vendors who usually set up on the path ‘up [...]

Sweetness and Light

The light is marvellous these days! The strengthening sun isn’t good for rink conditions, but [...]

Local…It’s not just for summer anymore

A number of people I’ve met lately have asked if I take a long winter [...]

Hibernation, Hard Work, and Cheese!

My current favourite breakfast treat is Monforte Dairy’s “Labane” spread thickly on toast (Heidrun‘s Cranberry [...]

A Fresh Year Ahead

Happy New Year! One missed market, and it feels like such a long time! It [...]