Monthly Archives: August 2017

Still in the Game

Still in the game

  There have been weeks this year when our market vendors may have felt like they accidentally enrolled in one of those ‘extreme challenge’ competitions that are so weirdly popular. Racing against blight in tomato and cucumber fields, attempting to roll huge loads through a construction zone obstacle course, and selling food in torrential rain […]

August Abundance

August abundance

Our growers are bringing bunches, bags or baskets of pretty much everything that grows in this province, and our cooks are preparing sensational summer food. Sink your teeth into all the flavours of August, it’s delicious. Here’s a little news: From Jenny at Knuckle Down Farm: “We have lots and lots of carrots this week, bunched […]

Small and Mighty

Small and mighty

LATE-BREAKING NEWS: Forbes Wild Foods is bringing wild blueberries! If we tried to provide a full list of the foods coming to market, we’d almost certainly miss a few. Every year, our growers try planting varieties of produce that they’ve never grown before, adding new flavours, and learning about variations in drought or blight-resistance, beauty, […]