Monthly Archives: July 2021

Reasons for Optimism

Reasons for optimism

Hello Market Friends: It’s hard not to get discouraged by events these days, but we’ve got some news to help you stay on the sunny side. The Generosity of Farmers Last Thursday, Indy Kooner arrived with 11 absolutely heaping bushels of chard. For free. He added a hefty basket of beets to that and instructed us to share it all however […]

The Gain and Pain of Rain

The gain and pain of rain

First things first: I have the great pleasure of introducing a farm new to Dufferin this week! Ta Neter, which means “Divine Land”, is the beautiful homestead of Shabaka, Utcha and their five children, where they keep bees, raise Maremma Dogs, Bengal Cats, and Babydoll Sheep, make soaps and medicinal products from their Botanical Garden, as well as growing […]

Drum Roll Please…

Drum roll please...

Matt here. Is it July already?! Where to begin… Do you have lots of reusable bags? A cart? A bike trailer, perhaps? Our farmers are ready to feed you, so how much can you carry? We have a wonderfully exciting stock of June and July delights. Strawberries, sea asparagus, cherry tomatoes, garlic scapes, carrots, and (drum roll please) cherries are all waiting […]