Drum Roll Please…

Drum Roll Please...

Matt here. Is it July already?! Where to begin…

Do you have lots of reusable bags? A cart? A bike trailer, perhaps? Our farmers are ready to feed you, so how much can you carry? We have a wonderfully exciting stock of June and July delights. Strawberriessea asparaguscherry tomatoesgarlic scapescarrots, and (drum roll please) cherries are all waiting for you. Reyes Farms has multiple sizes of sweet and also sour cherries.

drum roll please
Duck Eggs (12)
From Bees Universe10$
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Oaxaca Coffee Beans
From ChocoSol, 14.5$

Our newer vendors are becoming real crowd pleasers. I hope you’ve explored Hola Alegrias’s airy amaranth and The Greenhouse Eatery’s colourful beats (both fresh and pickled).

We have a few exciting show-stopper ingredients still in stock. Summergreen’s lion’s mane mushrooms are super soft and almost sweet in their light flavour: ideal for sauces and rich pasta dishes. Patty pan zucchini from Sosnicki’s is as versatile as it is adorable. It’s right at home in almost any dish, thanks to its soft skin and mild flavour. Try it in an Egg-In-A-Hole, swapping the toast for roasted patty pan! If you’re on the hunt for a meatier masterpiece, Marvelous Edibles has goose again and Buschbeck has lamb neck roast available.


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Hamburger Buns (6)
From Motherdough10$
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Gordon’s Garlic Dill Pickles
From Spade & Spoon, 7$

Though, I must confess, I can’t be bothered to cook anything indoors with the humidity over 60%. Thankfully, Harley’s Farm is barbecue ready with all kinds of chicken, pork, and beef. If you’re more of a pescatarian, All Sorts Acre’s pickerel burgers have been the talk of the pickup line.

This is the last week you can purchase a gift to Tsewang and Lhundup of TC MoMo. The market team and all the vendors are so grateful to our amazing customers and this fundraising campaign is just another reason why. You’ve already given over $3,000 to support the family during Lhundup’s recovery from a bout of Covid-19 that landed him in ICU. Thank you all so much! Please continue showing TC MoMo your love, now and when their dumplings, sauces, and pickled cabbage are back on the store.

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Repair Café Toronto will be back this Thursday with your repaired goods. In fact, they had such a great time fixing up old vacuums and antique lamps that they are doing it again! Bring your jewelry, small appliances, books, computers, electronics, and more to the depot this market. The day after I dropped off my busted power adapter, I started noticing broken clasps, half functioning toasters, and wonky beard trimmers all over my house. Please reach out to your friends and help keep perfectly fixable items out of the landfill. It’s completely free and you are welcome to come by even if you haven’t placed an order.

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I’ll leave you with some pollinator news from Christine of Canadian Organic Seed Company.

“We put 8 hives near the crop and invited another beekeeper to put her 2 hives there too. There’s more than enough to go round. 40 acres of buckwheat and 20 ac. of wildflowers and we also staggered 100 more acres of clovers. Nectar heaven!”

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Thank you to both the bees and the farmers for keeping us all fed!

Matt and the Market Crew