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Help Us Get Greener!

Help us get greener!

Heard the news? Dufferin Grove organic market has been nominated for Toronto’s Greenest Choice 2018! This is a City of Toronto initiative that invites residents to vote for the places, spaces and businesses that are helping to make Toronto one of the greenest cities in North America. Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market is a nominee in the Farmers’ Market […]

Why an onion?

Why an onion?

I overheard an interesting conversation at last week’s market. One market shopper asked another, “If you could be, or had to be, any vegetable, which one would it be, and why?” I didn’t catch the response, but I asked myself the same question – and after careful and hypothetical consideration, my answer was, an onion! An […]

Super September!

Super september!

Hooray! Even though we’re well past labour day, it’s actually  still summer! And the abundance of sunshine and warm weather we’ve been having, certainly are complying with that! Yes, it’s true – we will have less and less daylight to look forward to, but the visual wonderland that fall promises, will soon be upon us! […]

Who’s Got Great Growers?

Who's got great growers?

The beautiful vegetables in the photo featured up top are all ones grown from Urban Harvest seeds. Thank you to Colette Murphy for her extraordinary dedication to preserving and celebrating heritage and open-pollinated varieties. No cardboard flavoured tomatoes or boring standard shipment sizes here! Many of these treasures would disappear were it not for seed […]