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Spring Celebration News

Spring celebration news

Hello Market Friends: Maybe your home is better organized than ours. We haven’t gotten round to packing away our woolies yet, and now we’re searching for our shorts. In classic Toronto style, a week after griping about the cold, we are starting to complain that it’s too hot. But let’s pause to celebrate this glorious […]


Hello Market Friends: Before writing this to you, I took a look at Environment Canada’s weather site, and decided to tell you that the good news is….NO SNOW in the Toronto forecast AFTER TODAY! How’s that for putting a positive spin on this chilly stretch? Farmers report that their early plantings are very slow to […]

Sharing Sad News

Sharing sad news

Dear Market Friends, We are sharing this message composed by Lauren Baker: On April 25, 2020, Pablo Reilly unexpectedly died, leaving behind his mother, Colette Murphy. Many of us know Colette and Pablo through Urban Harvest, Colette’s incredible company that provides so many of us with the heirloom seeds and seedlings that enrich our gardens, […]