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Melon-Mania! 🍈

Melon-mania! 🍈

Hello Market Friends:  Another guest writer for you this week folks. It’s me, Nicole, your PPP – (Pickup Point Person.) Hello! First off, I wanted to extend an enormous “thank you”, to all of you who signed my giant birthday card. And to those who extended birthday wishes verbally, thanks all the same. What a community […]

The Local Arts Scene

The local arts scene

Hello Market Friends:  Matt is guest writing this week! How’s it going? In spite of how many half bushels and bushels of peaches were sold last week, I’m sure you’ll be back for more. You should try a new variety like White Knight or Baby Gold and remember that however many are in your cart right now, you won’t regret having more. […]

From Near and Far

From near and far

Hello Market Friends: It happens every year. Just as the supply of local crops hits a wonderful high, lots and lots of market customers leave for their summer vacations, and market sales slow down. Our farmers have worked hard to produce all this wonderful food, and they need to sell it now! We want everyone to […]